When our matriarch, Cindy, first embarked on this journey, she dreamed of a space where women could explore the world of cannabis comfortably and confidently. That space, originally christened “Bloom,” was designed as a haven where a woman not only buys a product, but also claims her own desires while breaking down barriers.

The transition to “Midnight Greens” is a testament to the harmony of all experiences, preferences, and genders. The midnight green, a nod to our Eagle-hearted masculine friends, integrates smoothly with our founding ethos, honoring Cindy’s unwavering spirit. It’s not just a color; it’s our olive branch to every individual – to feel seen, heard, affirmed. 

Cindy’s vision of threading in the feminine touch (pink mingling with our midnight green, a lovely waltz) resonates throughout. It’s in the delicate details of our space, the warmth of our community, and every product we curate. She is a reflection of our brand –distinctly fashionable, ever- brimming with life, always ready for some well-crafted fun, and nurturing an insatiable spirit of a ‘70s baby. 

As a great mom, wife, and a tenacious breast- cancer survivor, Cindy’s journey fuels our brand story – a tale that celebrates the power of creating your own path, of living your desires out loud, of thriving amidst life’s highs and lows. 

Through our brand, we’re not just serving up top-shelf cannabis. We’re curating experiences. We’re fueling a revolution. We’re caring for a community that straddles the best of both worlds – striking femininity, grounded masculinity, and everything that lies beautifully in between. We aim to create a safe and welcoming space where anyone can find healing and empowerment through cannabis.

"So, meet us at midnight, under the tender glow of the moon. It’s time to live, to explore, and to celebrate the best life with Midnight Greens."

Our Mission

As a woman-owned company, our mission is to serve as an ally, educator, and provider in navigating cannabis experiences. We’re here to break down barriers and welcome consumers from all walks of life, newcomers and connoisseurs alike, to experience the chic and trendy side of cannabis.

Our Vision

At Midnight Greens, our vision extends beyond the typical horizon, into a space where authenticity reigns, lines blur, and midnight magic happens. As a staunchly local, non-corporate brand, we will strive to champion the individual spirit, the vibrance of our community, and the rich tapestry of shared experiences that connects us all.

Come Back Again

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